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Hello. My name is Mark and I'm a roadgeek.

Yeah, I'll fess up. I've been fascinated with roads and all facets associated with them since I was a wee lad. And now I have the opportunity to share my hobby with you. This website consists of my personal roadgeeking notes, photos, and things to look out for if you're ever in the Elmira-Corning area of upstate New York.

10 December 2003: First off, if you haven't noticed already, Roadgeeks Anonymous sports a new look, as well as a new address. I hope you like the new design! There may be a broken link or image here and there. We're still in the process of moving in, but much of the content from the old site has moved here.

Secondly, the county route logs for Chemung and Ontario Counties have been dropped. If you need to access them, you may do so at Empire State Roads.

I've shut things down for the winter (Besides the mini-meet in Rochester on 01/03/2004). I have some ideas for some trips and routes that I would like to clinch in 2004. However, I have no plans to take any drives until the spring.


Updates on the progress to upgrade NY 17 to I-86.
Updates on the progress to upgrade US 15 to I-99.
My roadtrip reports, as posted to misc.transport.road.
The Roadgeeks Anonymous Photo Gallery.
My fantasy proposal to extend I-490 southeast to Canandaigua.
New York Routes
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